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The bronze doors
  The bronze doors of the Polish sculptor Igor Mitoraj
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Looking from the Piazza Esedra (Piazza della Repubblica) with your back facing the fountain, the right hand door depicts the joyful mystery of the Annunciation where the Angel on high can be seen speaking with the Virgin Mary. The extensive background portrays the vast open space of the world. Land and sea are depicted by velvety smooth fields and undulating waters. This represents the transformation of the world during benevolent times. The arched window displays several scattered figures in a simple way which highlighst the presence of the Angels. They appear only as heads, sometimes covered and as a young headless female form. The bottom of the door bears the following inscription:

ECCE ANCILLA DOMINI FIAT MIHI SECUNDUM VERBUM TUUM (I am the handmaid of the Lord, let what you have said be done to me).

From www.santamariadegliangeliroma.it:bronze_doors, Visita_Guidata

The left hand door depicts the Resurrection. To the left we can see the Risen Christ whose Body is etched with a cross, a natural symbol of sharing and harmony. The image of the Risen Christ and the Crucifix are deeply entwined. The Resurrection is seen as the triumph of the Cross over Death and Evil. Christ is portrayed as a young handsome figure cleansed of all sin. At the bottom we can see a covered head and the hand of the artist. Another arched window again displays several scattered figures as before in a simple way representing on this occasion the Martyrs. At the bottom right there are 2 covered heads with the artist's signature above: Igor Mitoraj AD MMV.

The panels are for the most part smooth and the bronze metal has splendid undertones in various green, russet and terracotta hues.

There are empty spaces “of silence” on the doors to highlight the depiction of the Annunciation, Mary listening to the Archangel Gabriel, and the Resurrection to enable reflection of these themes. The door handles show 2 covered heads.

The figures in the arched windows refer to the name of the Basilica: Angels and Martyrs. On the inside of both doors there are large figures of Archangels.

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